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After having my daughter, I struggled to get back into shape. No workout was right for me or kept me interested for more than a few sessions. I soon found and fell in love with Power Vinyasa Yoga. Focusing on deep steady breathing and the flowing of yoga postures felt right for me. I was more focused and less stressed the more I practiced.
After moving to Philadelphia and trying to find my place, I came across an ad for yoga teacher training. A few weeks went by and it was still the one thing I kept thinking about. I made the plunge and started my teacher training in the winter of 2013.
Now I am a yoga instructor with my 200RYT certificate. Teaching all that I've learned has been extremely fulfilling. I love seeing the progress in not only the people that I have been teaching, but also in myself. I can even see a change in my family and those around me. I can't wait to share this gift with all of you.
If you are interested in a private/group lesson or even a special event, please contact me.

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  • Partner yoga 11am-1pm at Watts of Yoga. Join Caitlin and Charlie for an all levels Partner Yoga Workshop. Partner Workshop is fun, invigorating and creative way to integrate balance, strength and trust into your practice. We will learn to support each other in poses by aligning our bodies, creating balance and being fully present. Practicing with a partner hits the root principles of yoga-union. This playful flow will explore resisting postures, standing sequences, folds, twists, and beginner acro-yoga by utilizing strength and flexibility. While requiring trust and surrender to support one another in a pose. This could be a great way to introduce a spouse, new friend, family member or partner to the benefits of yoga! Suitable for all levels, even those with limited or no yoga experience! 
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