Monday, March 16, 2015


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As soon as I found out Elinor might be a girl, we went straight to Carter's to buy her first dress. I had been walking by for months wanting to buy everything in there. We have been big fans of the cute styles and prices since then.

I planned a special day with just me and Elinor for our shopping spree. She was so excited. We haven't gone on a shopping spree in a long time and I decided to just let her pick whatever she wanted. She is very sure of what she likes. The days of me picking clothes for her are already long gone.

How perfect to have this below the register? No chasing kids around while trying to pay.

The sales associates were so sweet. They asked what we were looking for and Elinor yelled "pretty dresses!". She laughed and directed us to the display of spring and Easter dresses. She also mentioned all the amazing sales that were going on that day. Not only tees and shorts are $6 each or $8 for one, but the swimsuits and dresses were on sale that day!

Grumpy kid wanting to try on all of these clothes! Hurry up mom!

Elinor was grabbed a blue airy dress. Which was strange to me because with her, the bigger the puffy dress with big prints, the better. Which they had plenty of too. She also needed a blue sweater to go with it. I wasn't sure and suggested the white one. She was right though, the blue looked really good together.

I later realized she thought this was similar to a Cinderella dress.

She had a hard time choosing a swimsuit. There were so many options but it came down to which one had a skirt on it. She's funny. There was also a really cute hooded towel with a mermaid on it. There was a pirate one too. They were so cool! I wish we got one. Best part for mama, all suits are UPF 50+ and the sun hats too!

We finished off our trip with some shoes, sunglasses, hat, skirt and yoga pants. I can't believe how much we got for only $100. Elinor was begging to try everything on right away. I promised a fashion show when we got home.

The $6 each or $8 for one mix and match shorts and tees is only until March 25, so hurry! Go snag up some super cute outfits and use this coupon!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

My gym

*we were invited to a complimentary class at my gym. All thought and opinions are my own.

Last week we were invited to check out My Gym in Springfield. I've seen it before and wanted to check it out but you know, life. I was so excited to finally go. I knew Elinor would love it.

They ran a demo class for us starting with a circle time. Going around the circle asking everyone's name and what they had for breakfast. Elinor told everyone she just had berries which wasn't true. It's funny to see what kids come up with on the spot. Then they jumped right into warming up their bodies with some dancing around, stretching, and wiggling. Elinor was in and out of the circle. The staff was great with letting kids play around on their own and guiding them back into the group when they seemed ready.

My Gym staff had a great balance of free play while they set up the next activity. Elinor really seemed to enjoy the format. Everyone was so encouraging. Sometimes Elinor gets a little nervous doing something new by herself. She seemed to not have a problem at all. Especially on the zip line! She is really nervous about heights but when it was her turn she walked right up the steps and went for it (with staff help of course).

We had a great experience at My Gym. I was surprised to find out how many classes they offered for ages 6 months-10 years old. They also offer summer camp, parent's night out, and birthday party packages.

Get $25 off a birthday party or classes online or in person by using the promo code "fun4kids"




Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentine's day yoga fun!


Join Caitlin and Charlie February 14th at The Lime Tree Yoga for an all levels Partner Yoga Workshop.Partner yoga is a fun, invigorating and creative way to integrate balance, strength and trust into your practice.We will learn to support each other in poses by aligning our bodies, creating balance and being fully present.

Practicing with a partner hits the root principle of yoga– union. This playful flow will explore resting postures, standing sequences,folds,twists, and beginner acro-yoga by utilizing strength and flexibility ; while requiring trust and surrender to support one another in a pose. This could be a great way to introduce a spouse,new friend, family member or partner to the benefits of yoga!

Suitable for all levels, even those with limited or no yoga experience.



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trunk or treat

I have so much to share. We have been on so many trips and done so much, I didn't even know where to begin. Let's just start in October...


Before our trip to Japan, we went to the Garden State Discovery Museum for their trunk or treat night. I love that place and all of their events are so much fun. We went to their princess ball, which I think I also still need to write about. They turned their front parking lot into a safe space for the kids to trunk or treat. They even had My Gym come out with a bouncy house. So many amazing families did a great job decorating their cars. We loved the Wizard Of Oz themed one.


In addition to being able to trick or treat, the whole museum was open. Elinor ran between rooms playing with everything. She even got to touch a snake. I really appreciated the non candy treats they were giving out inside the museum. I hate to have to take away all the non vegan treats but at least I knew there would be fun treats still left over.


We were actually in Japan for Halloween. I was so glad we were able to make it for The Discovery Museums trunk or treat so Elinor could still get to trick or treat. The next day I went through all of her candy picking out what wasn't vegan. She traded us the non vegan candy for cash and we went to pick out a new little toy. She seemed completely ok with that.

Oh! And Elinor was dressed as Jane Banks from Mary Poppins. She was so excited when she saw Mary Poppins and Bert working the front door! Even though her face doesn't show it. It's still all she talks about from that night.

The Garden State Discovey Museum is hosting a Frozen Ball Feb 13. It sounds like it is going to be packed with activities, snacks, sing alongs and meet and greets with characters! We will be there!



Friday, December 19, 2014

Where we've been

I still haven't got used to not having a computer. I was hoping blogging from the iPad would be ok but it's still so much easier from a computer. I need to get over it and just use my phone and iPad. Especially since I'm terrible at using the actual camera and all my pictures are on my phone.

Anyway! We have gone to Japan and Florida and I went to VA for a acro yoga workshop. So busy! But now it's all caught up to us and we are all sick. Elinor has it the worst. It's so sad.

I'm hoping to do an update on our trips soon. If anything just to talk about what we ate. It was easier to find vegan places this time around in Japan. Also disney seems to offer a lot more options too.

Have a happy weekend!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

YumEarth Giveaway

yumearth giveaway Last year I was lucky enough to be introduced to YumEarth , the organic candy made using only fruit extracts and without high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, gluten. peanuts, or tree nuts. These are a dream come true now that I not only have a bigger kid, but also have a toddler who just discovered candy recently. Like most small ones, he is obsessed. While I would love to just ban candy in general, My husband and I also have a sweet tooth so I opt to buy candy that is as healthy as possible. Instead of the junk, YumEarth candies are made using real fruit extracts from family owned sustainable farms, and their organic lollipops and organic drops are also certified kosher! You can read Lemon and Laughs' full review and Fruit Snacks Cookie recipe here, and enter to win $50 worth of YumEarth candy (fruit snacks, sour beans, lollipops, and gummy bears) below! Good Luck!
This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media. Participating bloggers are not responsible for the fulfillment or shipment of prizes. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Xfinity home lunch & learn

*I received a Samsung Galaxy for attending this Xfinity event. All opinions are my own.

Last week I was invited to the Philly Magazine Design Home for the Xfinity Home Lunch & Learn. We have Xfinity and there is so much that they offer that I had no clue about! What better way to find out then in an amazingly gorgeous house with lovely fellow blogger.

Ever forget to lock the door? Or your guest shows up before you make it home? There's an app for that, the Xfinity home app! You can even adjust your temperature, check your security cams and even turn on or off lights. We don't have Xfinity Home but it would be really cool to have. One of my favorite features is that the system can learn the most effective heating or cooling pattern to save you money. All of this starting at $30 a month.
The basement is an in law suite, man or mom cave or maybe even a a nanny suite. The coolest pat was the workout room. I was so excited when I saw it. I had to bust out a #stopdropandyoga pose.
We do have Xfinity but didn't have the X1. If you have Xfinity but not X1 call for an upgrade now! There isn't an additional charge for it. Whenever we are somewhere new it takes me awhile to pick up how to use the new cable. The X1 seems so user friendly and easy to pick up. Still having problems, use the Xfinity TV remote app and just use voice commands. I also love that you can easily find age appropriate shows by filtering through by age groups on demand.
I love this little girl room so much! That light!
The master bedroom was also amazing. This picture does not do it justice. There was also 2 huge walk in closets which were more like rooms and a sauna!
How about a shower that you can fit your whole family into?
The top floor is the kids space. Such a cool fun area. Complete with a craft table, reading nook and tv with games.
Outside of course was just as cool as the whole house.
I really didn't want to leave. It was such a beautiful today. Im so glad I got to learn about things like the Xfinity Wifi app where you can search for nearby hotspots. Some hotspots are even in parks.
Thank you Philadelphia Magazine Design Home, Xfinity and Real Mom Media for a great day! They sent each of us home with a Samsung Galaxy. Real Mom Media also hosted a challenge on Instagram asking us questions like what our favorite room in the house was. My yoga picture won me an awesome prize pack with tons of goodies!


*I received a Samsung Galaxy for attending this Xfinity event. All opinions are my own