Thursday, May 27, 2010


When we went to Ikea the other day we also picked up a plantThe day after we got him, his flowers started blooming. It's a gardenia plant and smells soooo good. The second you start walking up the stairs to our room you can smell him.

I tried taking pictures this morning and this is the only decent one
Shirt & Skirt(excuse my wrinkles)- Forever21
Belt- Wet Seal
Shoes- Target

Lovely right? I obviously post more pictures than write but I'm failing at both today. But you can see the hummingbird feeder Dave got and everything we planted behind me.

I'm off all next week! We had planned on going somewhere but we both got busy and when we finally looked up flights and hotels there was no way that was happening. Sooo we are going to try to go some places close to home and do things we always talk about doing but never seem to have time. I'm excited I think I need a break from everyday stuff. Maybe I will start a project?


  1. I feel ya, I feel like I never get good pictures! Love the outfit, I told you on chictopia already lol.

  2. I'll take a couple of pictures and on the camera they look ok then I upload them and they are awful!
    But thank you! This isn't something I would normally wear so I felt a little funny all day

  3. i have quite a problem with getting photos too.. but im slowly working on it, even though i only have a digicam. hahaha!

    you know i love that ruffled top! :D so cute! :D