Tuesday, August 19, 2014

love mini me yoga

Elinor and I just finished a week of Love mini me yoga challenge on instagram. She loves climbing all over me when I start to practice. It's so amazing to see her actually do the poses. She can do so much more than I think. I really would like to put together a little class for her to do at least once a week.
I love looking through the hashtags and seeing all the parents with babies to adults doing these poses. Do you practice yoga? Does your child love to climb all over you too?

after we finished one of our poses, she got back on the mat and tried it by herself. I love it!

Monday, August 18, 2014

care bears

How much fun is it seeing your child with one of your favorite toys? I loved Care Bears and My Little Pony growing up.

Thanks to our Blogger Bash box, Elinor now had Care Bear and My Little Pony. I also won a bigger Care Bear from Just Pretend Products at Blogger Bash. I remember my sister and I playing with our Care Bears. We would build an epic fort and lay in there all day with our Care Bears and books. I wish I still had mine. Do you remember what they look like?? The new ones are way cuter.

Friday, August 15, 2014

I like food

 I feel like we had a lot going on this week. Dave was left to do dinner a few nights. This was one of them. Spaghetti Squash casserole. Basically spaghetti squash baked with tomato sauce, cream cheese, broccoli and topped with cheese. It's pretty easy and really tasty.
 More tofu scramble this time with a side of homemade hash browns. Tofu scramble with tomatoes, asparagus, kale, nutritional yeast and black salt.
 They didn't have Daiya cheese in at the store the other day so tried out Teese. We have had it before but it's been awhile. Teese comes in a tube. Instead of shredding, we threw slices on top. We also added basil from our garden and tofurky sausage. The cheese melted really nice and the taste was pretty good.
 Another night Dave was in charge. He sometimes tells me we have nothing in when really we have a few more meals left. he ordered indian food from Tiffin. Vegetable somosa and chana masala. I love this place. It might be in my top restaurant list.
 It's been awhile since we made cheesy coconut kale and chickpeas. This meal takes minutes and all of us love it. We are running low on nutritional yeast so it wasn't as "cheesy" as usual. Still just as good.
We all wanted a treat after dinner so I took some of our frozen banana stash, blended it with cherries, walnuts and chocolate. Perfect ice cream! Elinor couldn't wait to eat it. That's her spoon and tie dye shirt peeking in the picture.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This is Hardcore

Dave and I met at This is Hardcore 2007. As the years go on everyone is getting older, married, divorced, having babies. It's crazy to see old friends from out of town and catch up on where everyone is. Elinor has always done really well every year but a 2 year old at a 3 day music fest?? You never know what you are going to get. She mostly thinks everyone is there to hang out with her. She gets to get extra iPad time and eat all the snacks.
I forgot the ergo the first day. Luckily it was only half a day and I had her Aden and Anais blanket. I made it into a sling just in time for a nap.
and transferred her into a box of sweatshirts before the bands started playing. This box became her safe spot for the whole weekend. As soon as we walked behind Dave's merch table she ran and jumped in. She kept her backpack of toys and coloring books in there.
The night Dave's band played we had access to the backstage room. It's always the best. There was even a nice private bathroom attached.
Trying out someones guitar.
Watching daddy play
A friend took this of us. She became obsessed with a doctor game but wasn't sure on how to do some of the tasks. By the end of the weekend she was a pro.
vegan cupcakes named after Dave's band. Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes named a bunch of their cupcakes after the bands. Worked out perfect that Elinor wanted chocolate anyway. Thank you Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes for giving us a blacklisted cupcake for free!
Hanging with her buddy George. He stayed over a night and taught her some songs. She hasn't stopped singing them and making up her own.
another friend that stayed with us from Japan. Hopefully we will get to see Takashi when we go in October.
Making new friends who are super good with kids. Don't mind Tom's grumpy face, he loves her.
This was either while Dave was playing or right before. She dissed me to hangout with Chris.

Remember how she wasn't into watching Dave's band play in Boston? Well this time she loved it. She was playing air guitar, jumping, dancing and trying to go on stage. Thanks to Chris that sat by her (since she wouldn't listen to me) and held her back from running out. If you aren't too familiar, there are generally a lot of people running on stage, singing along and jumping off. Not too safe for her to run out into.
I love Robby's pictures

If you are curious to look back at past years here is 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013

Monday, August 11, 2014

2 beach trips and a show

Rest stop break
A few weeks ago we took a trip to Boston. Well, not Boston but it's so much easier to say than listing the towns we went to in MA. Dave was playing a show and had to do some work. Elinor and I tagged along to meet up with some friends and go to the beach. I miss the beach a lot. I'm really a stay at the beach all day type of person. I think that's why I miss being so close. We would go to the beach sometimes for only a hour or 2 and it was so much fun and didn't take hours to get there.
We ended up making to the beach 2 days for a few hours each. It was so nice. Elinor made friends the first day. I didn't bring any toys so when we set our blanket next to a group of moms and their kids (and toys), I sent Elinor over to ask if she can play too. I know, I'm the worst but the kids ending up being so sweet. They all worked on digging a hole for 2 hours. I somehow forgot how rocky some northshore beaches are and I didn't pack her water shoes. I felt so bad. I had to carry her over the rocks to put her in the water.

We got to eat a ton of good food that you can reread over here and we also went to Dave's show. Since the venue was in the same town that Dorie and Henri live in, I was able to miss out on the beginning of the show to hang out with them and some other friends. I miss that area. Everything is so close and there are awesome playgrounds everywhere! Elinor and I made it back to the venue in time to see Daddy play. She was not into it this time. We were stuck on the stage as I held her from running away. We were both sweaty messes. After they played, we got ice cream and all was good. She was a maniac jumping on the couch behind the merch. I can't imagine what she thinks about the things she gets to do.

Hanging out with friends. Thanks Nancy and Stacy for coming to play too!
I always wonder if she will think that our music is so lame when she gets older or if she will think it's cool she got to travel so much. 
sleeping with one of her favorite puppy friends

bonus vine videos from the show 

Friday, August 8, 2014

I like food

 We are really stuck on tofu scramble lately. I found breakfast nachos on PPK. We just used the potatoes for a base and tofu scramble on top with tomatoes, onions, black beans. It took a lot of separate prep (roasting the potatoes, making the scramble, making the salsa) but it didn't take too long. Oh! and that's cashew cheezy sauce on top. We had a ton left over but it comes in handy a few days later.
 We were in NYC for the day and of course we went to Red Bamboo. It is always easiest for us to go to and we always know we are getting something good. I got the BLT...
 and got the chicken parm sandwich which was so so so big. I remembered to take pictures after we had already started stuffing our faces. 
 Finished our Red Bamboo trip up with strawberry and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Later we went to Birdbath Bakery in SoHo for a huge chocolate chip cookie. It didn't look like they would have vegan options but there were a stack of these cookies there.
 So many sweets this week. Plymouth Meeting Whole Foods had these chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies. They were small and very good but chocolate made them so much better.
I taught a night class, leaving Dave and Elinor to make dinner on their own. Dave took the leftover cashew cheezy sauce, mixed it with pasta, tofurky sausage and asparagus. It turned out to be the perfect alfredo sauce. So if you do make the breakfast nachos, save your sauce to make alfredo!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Philadelphia Zoo

We haven't checked out any new parks recently due to traveling (which I'm so behind in posting about). Elinor and I finally had a free day on Monday so we headed to the Zoo. It was such a nice cool day and not too crowded. We went earlier than we normally do. We tend to stick with the same loop but this time Elinor requested to go backwards. We started at the small mammal house. Everyone was awake and active! It was so exciting to see. She saw other families posing in front of the hippo. She ran to it and turned around posing. I had to hurry and get my phone out to catch it. She did the same things posing as the monkey saying ehehehehe.
some little guys in the mammal house. The striped possum is so cute.
sloths!!! I was so excited. I have never seen them before here. They are usually hiding somewhere snoozing away. 
The armadillos were even awake. 
sitting on a statue of a chameleon. She really likes Pascal from Tangled and was happy to find him.
I was so afraid to walk under this dude. What happens when we has to go to potty???
This lazy polar bear woke up and walked to the edge. Everyone thought he was going to jump in but he laid back down and went to sleep.

Playing with 2 little girls. They were all singing and dancing around the statue. I love how quickly kids make best friends. Also Drumming. Always drumming on everything. She clicks her sticks together and says 1234! and then starts banging.
She saw the friends that she had been playing with earlier. They played in the fountain and got soaked.
 She insists on wearing her "zoo dress" every time we go to the zoo. We missed the flamingos last time. On the way there she told me she really wanted to see them this time.
I guess we really to start going earlier. It was totally worth it and a lot of fun. It has been so nice to have a pass and just go for a few hours. We don't always have to see everything in one day. The best is asking Elinor on the way there what she wants to see. Her interests are growing so much lately, it is amazing to hear her plans on what she wants to see or do.