Monday, October 27, 2014


Hi! We made it to Japan! Did I mention we were going? I forget. I meant to make a few schedule posts for while we are gone but I got too busy packing/working/etc. I will try to update a little since we have wifi at the hotel. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rhythm Babies

Last week we attended a free a Rhythm Babies class to review. I have been to other class like this when I was a nanny and I was super excited to see how this one was.

The class was being held at My Fabulous Mama, a super cute boutique on south st. They offer a variety of classes and services including the rhythm babies class run by Julie.

Elinor had just woke up when we got to class. She was a little shy at first but Julie was so sweet that Elinor warmed up pretty quickly. She never pushed Elinor to join in if she didn't want. They got to experience a couple of different instruments like a drum, maracas, and sticks. They would sing a variety of songs we knew and some new to us ones. Even a couple of free for all songs when the kids could rock out with their instruments or dance.

Besides introducing instruments, Julie brought out bubbles, a parachute, and even read a book. I don't know how she squeezed so much into a hour class without it feeling rushed. My favorite part was when she passed out animal finger puppets to each kid. She then sang a farm song saying each animal in Spanish. It was cool how quick they would pick up on the Spanish words.

Join in on a Rhythm Babies class at Fabulous Mama! Only $10 to drop in or $70 for an 8 week session.


Thank you My Fabulous Mama, Rhythm Babies and Paige from Spit That Out for a super fun class!



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Bubba Fairy

I'm so behind and so many things have happened. A few months ago, I decided we really need to kick Elinor's bubba (pacifier) to the curb. I think she knew it was coming. She had started becoming so obsessed with it, more than ever before. She wasn't sleeping through the night because she would wake up and couldn't find it.

A friend had told me that the pacifier fairy came to their house. Why hasn't anyone told me about this before?!! I started bringing the fairy up every once in awhile, asking Elinor what she wanted from the fairy. Build a bear! She had been begging for a my little pony build a bear for weeks. How perfect?


Finally one night I asked her if she wanted to write the fairy a note. She said yes! I let her write a note and she read out loud "bubba fairy, please take all my bubbas and give them to Sophia and janelles baby. I would like money to go to build a bear. Love Elinor". It was so sweet. We put all the bubbas in a box and left the note out.


The next morning she found her empty box and note from the fairy! We headed straight. to the mall. She loved the whole process of building her pinkie pie. She told the worker about her bubbas and how the fairy left her money. At the end she pulled out her $20 and paid for her own pony. She was so proud.


Since then she has only half asked for her bubba. She remembered quickly where they went. It was one of the quickest, easiest transitions ever.

Have you ever had to take a pacifier away at some point? How did you do it?


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Playskool playdate

A few weeks ago we were invited to Miranda from Lemons and Laughs house for a Playskool Playdate. She is amazing and made a delicious spread with tons of vegan options for us. The kids had such a great time playing with the star of the show Elmo. Let's imagine Elmo comes with 3 different hats. He plays the role of whatever hat he is wearing, encouraging the kids to play along with him. Each kid seemed to love it. Eventually it turned into one of the kids chasing the others around the house with a "Elmo's gonna get you!". Too cute!

Vegan Elmo cupcakes! Elinor is used to me saying no sorry it isn't vegan. She was so stoked to eat what all the other kids were. Thanks again Miranda!

We all get to go home with a couple of Hasbro toys too! Elinor loved the Mr Potato Head/Optimus Prime mashable

We got home and she couldn't wait to get them out again to play with. She said "hey Mr Potato Head. How do you like my tree?" Meaning the fire coming out of Grimlocks mouth. She doesn't know much about fire breathing, poor kid.





Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Atlantic City

After our trip to Sahl Farm last week, we were just a little bit away from Atlantic City. We have barely been to the beach this summer which has bummed all of us out. It wasn't the warmest day but it was perfect and no crowds! I've only been there once years ago when Dave and I were first dating. It was dead winter and super late. Besides the beach I didn't know if anything would interest Elinor. I forgot how themed some places are on the boardwalk. She loved the lobby of some western themed casino and when we walked through Caesars she was obsessed with the statues.

We made it all the way down to steel pier. Elinor saw the Ferris wheel from so far away and was focused on getting there. Every few minutes "I wanna go there daddy!". She is so small and only had the option of 2 rides. She picked the motorcycles. We thought they just went in a circle but nope they also jerked up and down. She was the only kid riding and her poor little face was terrified. When she got off she told us she loved it and wanted to try another ride. It was already pretty late at that point and we headed back to the car.

I forget how close Jersey beaches are to us. I feel like they are so far since I don't see the ocean everyday like I did in Boston. Hopefully next year we can make more trips there.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Creative Galaxy

We love tv around here. I know a lot of people limit tv and we do but not as much as some. I do try to make sure Elinor is watching educational shows. She has recently been leaning towards shows with bad havior in them and copying. It's been frustrating. There is a show where the little brother whines and baby talks. Of course that's who Elinor is copying.

I was so excited when I heard about Creative Galaxy on Amazon Prime Instant Video. A little alien named Arty and his sidekick Epiphany solve everyday problems with art. As soon as the show came on, Elinor was glued to the iPad. Creative Galaxy is perfect for preschoolers to inspire creative thinking. After the show there is a live action clip of kids making the craft that Arty did. Elinor was already asking to do the activity Arty did during the whole episode. When it came to the live action part, she was going to her craft bin to collect supplies.

In one of the episodes, Arty and his friend make a table cloth with paper. They make roads and bridges so they can still play with their cars at the table. We recreated this craft by using brown butcher paper, construction paper, tissue paper and more. I cut strips of black paper and let her glue them down to make the road. She had remembered Arty made a bumpy bridge over his lake. So we made a bumpy bridge too. She played all day with her ponies at the table. The next day we moved it to the floor and added some drawing with chalk. The next day she wanted to add playdough to her scenery. Her imagination has been exploding lately and this was a perfect activity to encourage that.

Creative Galaxy is such a great show. I'm really happy that there are so many educational shows that encourage children to learn and create. Elinor is asking to make paper mâché bowls. Arty made some in another episode. We need to go stock up on more crafts!

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