Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It was insanely windy today. We didn't do much all weekend. Just ate and caught up on shows we have missed and ate some more. Today was a trip to the mall for makeup and to Whole Foods for more Daiya cheese. Before going out we went to this little shed right next to our house and took a couple pictures. More than half of the pictures all of my hair was completely in my face but oh well.
I wish my mom was closer and I could have hung out with her today or pretty much any day. It was a little sad seeing everyone out with their moms today and neither of ours live super close. At least Dave gets to see his this weekend! but I will miss out on that too :( Happy Mother's Day moms!! We miss and love you!

Dress-Fred Perry
"Leather" Jacket-Charlotte Russe


  1. what dress are you wearing?

  2. that fp dress that is 3/4 sleeves. I got it like more than a year ago I think