Saturday, May 29, 2010

oh yea I'm prayin for rain

We went the outlets today. Not such a good idea to go there on memorial day weekend even if there are tons of sales. It took forever to just get into the parking lot then we had to stalk people walking to their car so we could park. We kept hoping it would start raining and everyone would leave but it didn't start until we left oh well. I did manage to get some good things (2 dresses and some socks)

Dress & Shoes- Fred Perry
I got dressed this morning then looked in the mirror and realized how bad I looked. I tried a couple more times and nothing was working. I gave up and told Dave to go pick something out for me and this is what he came up with. Good job Dave!

Tomorrow I have an eye appointment! Finally no more wearing glasses. I think I look awful in them and feel so awkward. I also was just told about a place to order cheap glasses and cheap contacts yay!

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  1. just be careful because glasses need to be fitted to your eyeballs and online places are just the prescription