Saturday, May 15, 2010


So my bf rules. On his trip to Philly he stopped in NY to go to the Fred Perry sample sale. I'm sure he was going to stop for himself anyway but he picked some things up for me too!
I'm sure I will be wearing one of these tomorrow.

Before he got home today I made him mint chocolate cupcakes for his bday (which is on Monday). I put up a little note and put them right by the door so he saw them as soon as he walked in. Of course we ate some right away.Then we finally made lunch...burritos!!!

I got both the shirt and skirt I'm wearing so long ago I kind of forget where they are from. I'm pretty sure the shirt is one of the first things I ever got from Forever 21 in the Dayton Mall.

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  1. i picked up a couple things, but it was slim pickins when i went. dave rules! miss you guys