Saturday, June 12, 2010

new contacts

I get to my eye appointment and they say the Dr isn't there yet and to just have a seat. 5 minutes later a different Dr than last time comes up to me doesn't introduce herself or says anything but follow me. In the exam room she says wash your hands and put in these contacts (the new ones that they had ordered for me. I had in a different brand to hold me over until those ones came in) I wash my hands and see a stack of contact cases and ask if I should just take one of those to put the ones I'm already wearing in. She tells me no and to just throw them away. I said but I just got these ones and they are still good I'm not throwing them away. She rolls her eyes at me and tosses a case at me. Then I sat down to check my vision in the new ones. I say O instead of zero and she barks at me that the last one is a number not a letter. When she has me read the tiniest line I can see, I got the last one wrong again and she again very rudely told me I got it wrong and corrected me. I've never been told that before. Usually they just say ok good or how about try the line above that. So i really doubt I will be going back there. At least not to her.

I ended up picking up a skirt and dress from H&M and wanting everything in Zara but I didn't get anything. I also went to Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics. Here are some of my finds

Maybe tomorrow I will post some new things I made.....


  1. what an oddly rude woman. i liked this post b/c I just went to the eye doctor the other day, for the first time in four years.