Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SFU Showcase

Wow I have been slacking so bad. I just now uploaded some pictures from last weekend. It's been so hot here and our central air isn't working so I haven't been trying too hard getting dressed in the morning.
Last Friday after work we headed to Philadelphia. We got there right around midnight and Dave's mom was waiting for us. It was so good to see her. The past few times he has gone home I haven't been able to go.
Saturday morning we went to the venue to set up. 

 Me and Lynn selling records and shirts
It was a so much fun. I got to see a lot of old friends and see Floorpunch for the last time ever!

Dave has a record label and the point of this show was for the release of a discography for Floorpunch. Also it was a reunion for them and their last show.

Right after the show we head to go to the studio so Dave could record. I felt awkward taking pictures while he was trying to record but i took a couple. 

George and Will
Shawn and Bean
Dave looking super tired

Such a busy Saturday! It was good though and not too stressful. 
Finally today I tried wearing something cute but taking pictures didn't work so good. We live on the wharf and it gets pretty busy. I'm super awkward getting my picture taken even more so when people are watching! 

 Shirt-Loft (present from my mom)
Sorry to cram so much in to one post! Hopefully I will be better about updating the rest of the week.

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  1. im going to steal the picture of us! and i really like those shoes in your last pictures