Wednesday, July 14, 2010

whale watching

Dave went on a whale watching tour yesterday. We went once a year ago and had a lot of fun but both got so sea sick. I decided not to go this time.
The other morning when I looked outside the ship outside our window was gone :( but while Dave was leaving from Boston on the whale boat he saw it!
He said that they saw 2 whales while they were out but they wouldn't come very close to the boat. The time we went there were whales all around the boat and showing off for us!

We have been wanting to go out as far as we can when the tide is low but never  have enough time to go exploring. We tried didn't work out so well. The more we went out of course the squishier the ground got. Soon if you didn't walk fast your feet would sink and your shoes would get stuck but if you did walk fast mud would fly everywhere. So there I was with both feet stuck and not able to get out. I thought about just taking my shoes off and running but there were these tiny crabs everywhere and I didn't want to step on them.
 Dave came to save me pulling my shoes out and putting them on for me every step. He even carried me to the bathroom when we got home so I could wash my feet. He is the best!
After the panic of getting back to the rocks we laughed and watched seagulls pick up shells and drop them trying to get snacks.

Belt-Wet Seal

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  1. I have never explored a tide pool before. I looks pretty amazing! The polka dot dress is super cute. I love the length.