Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I wrote a few weeks ago that I saw so many cute things I wanted at Zara. Well I went the other day and they were having a sale! I ended up only finding 2 things I wanted in my size but still YAY 1/2 off.
Here is one of the dresses I got. I forgot to ask Dave to do a close up of it. There are little butterflies all over.

Shoes-Fred Perry
Necklace-I think Urban Outfitters
This dress is so light and airy. It's perfect for being out in the heat all day (which I usually am). I might have already worn it twice.

We are leaving for California Thursday early morning. Thanks Zac for letting us stay at your house and driving us to the airport even earlier in the morning! Hopefully I can make another post before we leave but if not have a great weekend! I'll be back Wednesday!

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