Saturday, October 9, 2010

Topsfield Fair

Since we are out of town this weekend and are missing the last weekend of Topsfield Fair we decided to bring Dorie with us on Friday. Our plan was to get there right as they opened but I guess everyone else had the same thought. As soon as we got off the exit the 3 miles to the fair ended up being 45minutes. We finally parked and went straight in to a magic show.
The guy kept picking on Dave! He was being silly and it was all in fun. I think he thought we were standing off to the side alone and that we didn't have a child with us.
We ate lots of yummy food (veggie lo mein and fries!), of course pet some animals and Dorie went on a bunch of rides.

Daves fav part! He wants a skunk really bad

Elephant rides! The line was way too long though

Dress-Urban Outfitters

I'm gone for the weekend with Dave to his shows. We are staying a couple days after to have a mini vacation. I will be back Wednesday! Have a great weekend!


  1. i love your outfit so much! dorie wishes she was a mini you i think. i hope you guys are having a good time this weekend, miss you!

  2. cute outfit and great post! come follow xoxo

  3. I think I have the same dress too - but I never thought to wear it with a different belt. Duh!

    I like it so much better this way!

  4. What's the brand on your modcloth boots? I've been meaning to order them, and now modcloth is out of my size!