Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Since we are so close to Maine last weekend we decided to go to the outlet mall. Not eating before we left we figured we would find something on the way. Usually that doesn't work out well since there aren't too many vegan friendly places just randomly a hour away from us without us knowing about them.
About 1/2 way or so there and I tried looking up vegan restaurants in the area and one came up! Divine Cafe and Grille was off the next exit and only 5 minutes out of our way. I guess they are known for their veggie burgers (which we will have to go back and try) but they also have breakfast.
We forgot to bring the camera in with us so I took these 2 with my phone.
We split a bagel and tofu scramble with toast home fries and veggie sausage. This picture is after we divided it up! It tasted even better than this looks.
The outlets in Maine are kind of weird. I think I might have wrote about them before but there are different sections you have to drive to. One will be on the left then a little bit down on the right there will be a couple more stores then more on the left and on and on. Dave only really wanted to go to the Barbour store for coats. He has an obsession with jackets/coats. I ended up finding a super cute dress there for $39. Behind Barbour there is a little scenic view so I made Dave take some outfit pics of me
Dress-J Crew from Urban Renewal
Tights-Urban Outfitters


  1. That breakfast looks awesome. I love finding places like that.

  2. Woah! When did you go blonde! Sorry I haven't visited for a while I guess. it looks really great! :)