Monday, November 15, 2010


Since my Mom is in town we decided to bring her to the Enchanted Village (pictures soon). On the way we started to pass the area where the cemetery is that my grandparents are at. My Mom has only ever been there two times, so without knowing exactly the name of the cemetery or where their graves are we we decided to start looking.
We first went to the wrong cemetery then were directed to another one nearby that possibly would be it. When we pulled in she had no idea where to look and we drove in circles for awhile. Dave said I think it might be here and parked. I went right, Mom went left and Dave went to the middle and right away Dave found it. It was so weird! I had brought the camera since we were going to the Enchanted Village so we took some pictures
Tank-DIY AN shirt
Skirt-Fred Perry
Shoes-Urban Outfitters

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