Tuesday, November 9, 2010


They added some historical information and little dioramas(I don't know what to call them?) by the ship right next door to us. I guess it has been up for awhile but during October we didn't wander down that way to see.
This is the weird thing the camera is doing
It was so cold my eyes were watering walking to the lighthouse. Once we got to the other side of it the sun was so bright and the lighthouse was blocking the wind so I managed to get some pictures without my coat.
Shirt-Buffalo Exchange
The tide has been getting so high lately
This was from Sunday morning. That afternoon I went to babysit baby Reid! He is only 5 weeks old. I sometimes watch his big sister who was at a friends house for the day while their parents gave a tour of their beautiful kitchen. He is so cute and cuddly! I had made both Ruby and Reid hats but forgot to take pictures before I brought them over so hopefully next time I go over I will remember.

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