Monday, January 31, 2011

almost terrible horrible day

So I get in my car to meet up with Lynn to go to NY. My car sounded funny starting up but I figure it is just from the cold. I stopped before getting on the highway for gas and when I tried to start my car it just clicked. A girl from the gas station tried to jump me but it didn't work. I called Lynn and told her I have to cancel and she can go ahead with out me but she is the best and said she is already on her way to save me.
I just happened to have Dave's AAA card in my purse. He had emptied his wallet before I dropped him off last week and I forgot to put his stuff in the house. The AAA guy showed up pretty quickly and got my car started but with bad news that it was my alternator and I should drive straight to Pep Boys. I ended up being one of the first people there and they took my car in. Lynn showed up a couple minutes after I got there so I went to see if I could possibly leave it there. They said of course no problem and that I could wait until tomorrow to pick it back up! Yay! Then we were finally on our way to NY.

Lynn got a super cute Fred Piggy tattoo that I'm sure she will post a picture of soon on her blog. I got an owl that I couldn't imagine being anymore perfect. She didn't have time to do color but I can't wait.

I was almost in the worst mood ever but with awesome helping friends and road trips my day was amazing! I have to go pick my car up tonight after work. Even though paying the bill will be a bummer at least I will have a working safe car. Just in time for more snow to shovel it out of yay!


  1. i posted the picture of mine! i love yours so much and i cant wait until its colored in

  2. Your tattoo is beautiful, and I love owls! Very cool.

  3. sorry about your car, but that owl is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see how you have it colored in!

  4. thats an amazing tattoo! beautious! thx for commenting on me blog! we are neighbors! im gonna follow ya! xo

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