Saturday, January 29, 2011

I won't eat anything except cookies and cake

This weekend Lynn and I are going to NY to get tattooed. I'm excited because I need some adult conversation. I worked all day yesterday with 3 kids (3yr old, almost 3 yr old and 4 mon old). They were all so great and the day/night flew by! There was even about 30 minutes when everyone was napping and I got a little break. Even though the 3 year olds are awesome to talk to I feel like I forget how to talk to adults especially when Dave is gone and they are the only people I am talking to! I also have Terrible Twos stuck in my head which isn't such a bad thing. If you have little ones check them out.

 Dress-Fred Perry
Heels-Buffalo Exchange


  1. Such a cute look! Whoa have fun getting tatts in NYC. Little kids are so much fun to talk to, but i hope you have fun with your pals.

  2. we will have about 8 hours in my car tomorrow to chat!!! :) and i love the tights with that dress!