Sunday, February 27, 2011

finally feeling better

I started to feel better Friday and ate normal food then immediately felt sick again. Today I was dizzy and out of it a little but now I'm feeling pretty good. Our cars though are both not doing too good. I'm not sure what we are going to do. Dave is taking mine in on Monday and hopefully it isn't anything too bad.
boots-alternative outfitters

We did a whole lot of cleaning and organizing today. I should take some pictures of the house at some point. I finally got storage bins for my yarn so it isn't laying all over the living room. Tomorrow I think I have to finally start the mountain of laundry I keep putting off.
oh and we made vegan rice krispies!
For Christmas Dave had stole my watch and sent it away to be fixed. It came a couple weeks ago but wasn't working again so he sent it back. It finally came this weekend and it is working!


  1. yay working watch and rice crispy treats! i need to get a guard for mine

  2. Did he send it to the place in europe that fixes them? I was going to send karls to be fixed there but I felt weird shipping it so far.

  3. I had a guard too but I'm not sure where it went. Yes it's the same place. It's the only place to get them fixed. The guy was super helpful and when we got it the first time and it wasn't ticking he fixed it again for free.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better, missy!
    PS. Sweet watch!

  5. thank you! I have the worst immune system! I'm always getting every sickness going around