Thursday, February 17, 2011

new coat

Here is the new coat I got from Zara! I love it. My other one was starting to fall apart so badly and I had already patched it up a couple times. 

Today it is so nice out! I didn't want to come in. It's so funny how nice weather can make everyone instantly in good moods. Everyone we passed today was smiling and friendly. Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice again and then this weekend drops back down booo. At least I got to enjoy it today.
These pictures are from a couple days ago. It was still pretty chilly out and the sun went away as soon as we got outside. I've had those shoes forever but I can only remember wearing them one other time and I think this might be the last. They are cute but I never feel comfortable in them.
skirt-fred perry
tights-urban outfitters
shoes-I completely forget and I'm not home to check!


  1. Cute coat! I finally got myself a long coat. I love the burgundy tights!