Sunday, February 13, 2011

root beer floats

Yesterday was such a nice day off. We made blueberry pancakes and smoothies in the morning.
Then we went to the mall with a bunch of gift cards from Christmas. I couldn't find one thing in any of the stores I had cards to but then we went into Zara. They were having a sale and I found tons of things I had been wanting on super sale! yay! Including a coat. 
headband-made by me!
tights-target/urban outfitters
shoes-buffalo exchange
Later that night we went out to eat at Pulse Cafe and then to a show. It was super packed and hot but we had fun. Since we took the train into Boston we had to leave a little before it was over. It was a good thing though because we were so tired and falling asleep on the train ride home. 
vegan root beer float from pulse mmmmm!

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  1. it was so nice seeing you! that float looks yummy