Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cherries and polka dots

Dave and I had been so good about working out. Having him workout with me was such good motivation. He makes me laugh the whole time and it flies by. Then I got sick. Now that I'm feeling better he is getting sick and I can't get myself motivated again. It always seems to happen like this. I'm pretty sure I have even wrote about this happening before. Anyone have any good motivation ideas?? You would think the warmer weather would help but I guess it would actually have to get warmer out here!
At least we have been doing good at eating less fake meat and soy. We are sticking with more grains, beans and veggies. It's just always so easy to grab a package of fake meat for dinner.


  1. dont know if youve been here before-

  2. No I havent been in there yet! There used to be a kids book store we went to story time at in the same place. We walked by it the other day but it was too close to nap time to stop
    Thanks for sending me the link!