Wednesday, April 6, 2011

easter wear

Today I turned in my paperwork for my passport and friday I go pick it up! I'm so excited because we leave next week for Iceland. Every night Dave has been looking up places and planning out our days. 
 shirt/shoes-forever21 skirt-zara tights-urban outfitters 
After turning in my passport we ran to the mall so Dave could get new sunglasses. On his way home from Philadelphia last week he stopped at Joey Ramones grave and left his sunglasses there (on purpose).

Anyway at the mall we also got to wave to the easter bunny. Dorie gave him high five. He was way friendlier than the santa they had there. I also completely matched all of the easter decor but I loved it.  Even though I wear so much black the lighter colors make me think of warmer weather


  1. i love the shoes :)

  2. love the shirt and shoes {forever 21 is just too good!}
    also.. have you ever done a post showing some closer looks at your tattoos?

  3. Actually I don't think I have. Here and there I have done close ups of new ones. Maybe I will do one soon!

  4. Cute outfit!! I like the white tights and cute shoes with it :)

  5. i tried on that skirt and i wanted it so bad, but it swallowed me up. i hate being short with little legs