Monday, June 20, 2011

just to eat

Dave had a show and practice in Philly this weekend. I wasn't planning on going to the show since it was in a hot warehouse and people would be smoking but I came along for the ride. I pretty much went with him to eat and I'm a little embarrassed to show you what I ate. We have been trying to eat less fake meat and eat more fresh veggies and fruits and beans. This weekend was full of fake meat but it was all so good.
 dress-marshalls tank top-target shoes-old navy
Saturday morning we took pictures in Dave's moms pretty garden and then headed out to capriotti's. They have an amazing fake turkey sandwich there that I crave all the time. I even think I have wrote about it on here a couple times. Why can't we have a sandwich place like that??
yes I ate all of that
After we ate we went across the street to this place called Terrain. We stumbled in there around christmas time and loved it. It is a garden center but has so many things for your home, bath and body, jewelry and even has a little cafe. I want a barn just so I can decorate it exactly like this place.
 When we got back it was almost time for Dave to head to his show. We picked up a pizza at Carmen's. Another random place that offers Daiya cheese and vegan sausage. They even have a vegan party tray. Again why isn't there a little pizza place like this near us?? We have peace o pie but it isn't close and expensive. 
 The next day he had practice so he grabbed food from govinda's and treats from sweet freedom on his way back.  
 chicken cheesesteak and chicken fingers
Samoa cupcake, french toast cupcake and cookie sandwich. The Samoa was insane! It had caramel in the center. 

Ok like I thought, I am embarrassed to say that I ate all of that. But I'm eating for two? I was craving it? Can I use those excuses even though I probably would have ate all of it anyway? Someday soon I hope to start prenatal yoga. I think I defiantly need it now. 


  1. i love that dress! and who cares! eat what you want

  2. Thanks! it was super cheap and has room to grow into

  3. Never be ashamed of eating when you are hungry! Especially when eating for two :) You look so summer time in that dress - I love it! Very pretty.

  4. Enjoy eating whatever you want while you can! No guilt at all. I went through a powdered doughnut and red Gatorade thing which was just so gross but the body wants what the body wants. Now I'm hungry from reading your post!