Thursday, October 20, 2011

poor doggy

I have been super boring lately and have pretty much nothing to write about. I also went nesting crazy and  everything is already finished in the nursery. Maybe I will post pictures because it is very pretty in there. We recently moved the glider to the living room though because it is comfy and easier to get in and out of. At least it matches the living room too.
In my email for 33 weeks it said I should start packing our hospital bag. It seems so crazy that we are so close to seeing our little one! I found a what to pack on Pampers site. I'm worried about not having anything to eat at the hospital so I need to remember to pack plenty of snacks for us. We went on the hospital tour but I didn't even think to ask while we were there.
That pic/quote is from Heard on the Playground. It is a really cute site with funny things kids say. You can submit your own stories or videos too.  I feel like everyday I have at least one thing I could submit. Four year olds are full of amazing stories!


  1. My uncles actually told me that hog dogs were dogs' tails (we had a Doberman) so I never ate them. Good thing - since what's in them is actually almost more gross than dog tails.

    Wow, you are so close to due! Good luck!

  2. aww that is so sad! but good thing!

  3. 33 weeks! I can't believe it has seemed to go so quickly. Are you all ready? Nursery unpacked? Am I totally stressing you out by writing this? (Sorry!)

  4. the nursery is done! I wish I had more to do. I even have already washed all of the 0-3month clothing and towels. Blankets are next!