Thursday, December 1, 2011

my thursday (all baby talk)

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet did this fun post yesterday so I'm going to steal it for today...

Obsessing over: meeting this baby! I can not stop thinking about her. I've tried to crochet and read books but it is so hard to concentrate on anything when I'm so close.

Working on: nesting! We have had the nursery done for awhile now but everyday I find something else I need to be doing. There is always more laundry to be done or closets to be cleaned. At least the house will be spotless soon!

Thinking about: How fast this pregnancy went by but how quickly it slowed down this week. I look back on older blog posts from when we first found out and I can not believe how fast 9 months flies by. 

Anticipating: Sunday!! Because I'm scheduled to be induced! We had our 39 week appt yesterday. The Dr told us my cervix is still way posterior and she doesn't want to wait till after my due date. So hopefully by Monday we will have our baby girl!

Listening to: A Very She & Him Christmas. I finally got ahold of this and have not stopped listening. It has been so soothing and nice to listen to. I might bring it to listen to during delivery. 

Drinking: tons and tons of water and yogi raspberry leaf tea. This tea is now my favorite. It is such a nice light flavor and also strengthens your uterus! Who doesn't want a strong uterus??

Wishing: The baby decides to come today! I don't think she will, she seems to be stubborn but today is my mom's birthday! It would be a special day for her to share a birthday with my mom and also my grandmother. 

My mom is in town now for 2 weeks. I'm so happy and lucky to have her in town for not only her birthday but for the birth of her 7th grandchild! 
Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

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