Wednesday, December 14, 2011

our first week

I'm finally getting caught up on sleep and not so much in a daze. The last couple of days just blurred together but it has been amazing. We were so lucky to have my mom in town to help followed by Dave's mom. Today is the first day it is just me and Elinor. Dave went to run some errands and we took naps and she ate ALL morning. I'm still pretty sore but I've given in to motrin and tylenol which helps.

Yesterday we had our first outing, just to babies r us. I had to get a couple of things and since they have the mothers room I thought it would be a perfect place to test going out incase she needed to eat. Dave suggested taking the moby wrap instead of the stroller which was a really good idea. I just transferred her to the wrap from the backseat and she never made a peep. We even took the scenic route so we could show Dave's mom around a little.

Dave took pictures of her yesterday for her birth announcements. I thought of the idea of her in one of her cloth diapers under the tree. A couple of days before I had her Annie sent me a package of hair clips of Ellie. As soon as I saw the one she's wearing in the pic I knew it would be perfect for this. Thanks again Annie (open an Etsy shop!) I'll wait to share the real birth announcement picture until they are mailed out but here is a peek..


  1. It looks perfect on her! What a beautiful girl. Who knows. Maybe I will open up a shop to fund our adoption (latest news not brought up on our blog).

  2. oh my goodness.
    she's beautiful! congratulations!

  3. @annie that is a great idea!

    @caitlin Thank you!