Friday, January 20, 2012

hi grandpa

My parents are in town. It has been so nice to have them here especially since this is the first time my dad is meeting Elinor.
grandpa and ellie

I really wish we lived closer to them. She loves them so much. We went to the mall today and at one point they sat hanging out with her while I ran around the mall shopping alone for a little bit. She just snuggled on my dad's shoulder and slept the whole time.
grandma and ellie

We also finally got a little snow! I had to get a picture of baby's first snow. She didn't really care too much. I'm always so worried about her being warm but this bear suit is so think and warm she stays nice and warm in there.
snow suit-Next (they don't have this one anymore but here is a white one)


  1. Omg, that snow suit is freaking adorable. I wish they made them in gown up sizes. Although that would look a bit like a Halloween costume ;)

    1. but so warm! I kept snuggling up with her to stay warm.