Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday we took Elinor to her first of many storytime/sing alongs. I looked up the local library to see if they have one and found out it is on wednesdays and the library is only a 5 minute walk from us. Dave stayed home to come with us. He is funny, he didn't want to miss out on seeing her reaction.

We walked in and it was way different than the ones I take Dorie to. The ones in Cambridge you have to get there at least 30 min before it starts to get a ticket and even with them limiting the amount of people it is in a huge room and packed. (It is always fun though!) When we got there, there was only one other toddler there. After about 10 min, 6 other kids showed up. Ellie was the youngest of course but she loved it. She looked at all the kids and smiled when we played the bells and sticks. Her favorite was the scarves. We played peek a boo with them and she smiled and kicked getting so excited. I'm glad I took her and we probably will go more before I go back to work. I always took Dorie to a storytime or sing along everyday since she was 3months. So many options in Cambridge to go to a different one everyday.
This is what she wore to the library. I bought 2 dresses for her from Hart and Sew. They are so cute and in great condition. She just put more dresses up the other day and I'm trying to not buy anymore. 

I'm so glad that she liked going to the library and seeing other kids. Friday we stopped by to visit Dorie and Henri. They all seemed so happy to see each other. Henri showed it by chowing down on Elinor's hand. She didn't mind though. They cooed at each other and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Dorie jumped up on the couch and said you know I'm really good at holding babies now. I asked if she wanted to hold Elinor then and she said well yea! She is going to be such a big helper when I go back.

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