Sunday, March 11, 2012

First week

My first week back at work went so much better than I thought it would. Even though they are on different schedules, it works out great. I'm sure they will eventually sync up and that would be great too! Yay break time!

Dorie loves playing with them. She is such a good helper!

When Elinor and I get there in the morning Henri's face lights up. She loves watching him play. She watches him shove all the toys in his mouth and then tries to grab and at toys in front of her. We have already made a bunch of mommy/nanny and baby friends. Except one group of stay at home mommies that at first invited me to join their group at the library until they realized that Henri and Ellie weren't twin and I was a nanny too...they never talked to me again. Oh well.

While I was helping Henri go down for a nap Ellie was playing on his playmat. When I came back out she must have wore herself out! 

I can't wait to start bringing them to sing alongs and storytimes. Last week I decided to keep it easy and get into the groove of getting in and out of the house with them.
I'm not feeling good today so I hope after napping and going to bed early tonight I will be ready to go tomorrow!

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