Tuesday, March 20, 2012

stitch fix

As soon as I read about this on Kaelah's blog, I signed up right away. Through Stitch Fix you take a survey on your style and sizes (which I think is pretty detailed!) and then they send you a couple of items that best suit you. It costs $20 up front for a package BUT if you decide to buy anything that $20 comes off your cost. Also if you decide to keep everything in your package you get 25% off all of it. They include a prepaid package to mail anything you don't want back.
I'm awful at shopping and now with Elinor I have an even harder time finding things I like. Going to the mall now I'm most likely wearing her in a carrier. So there goes ever trying anything on. I also have the problem now where a lot of my old clothes don't fit just right and the ones that do...well I can't really wear a little dress/tights/cute shoes while wrangling 2 babies and a 4 year old at work.
So I signed up right away. It took a couple of days to get accepted. When I did they sent me a password to my account and I started my survey. I'm still not completely sure on my new sizes so I guessed. The one thing I forgot to mention on my survey was the fact that I'm breastfeeding and need clothes that can easily be pulled up/pulled down or buttons. I emailed them right away asking if that was ok and within hours I got an email back saying no problem at all, it was a common request. yay!
They sent me 5 items. At first I wasn't quite sure if I liked anything. I tried everything on and decided right away one was a keeper. They attach sample outfits on each item to help you style them. When I got a chance to actually try everything on (using some of the suggestions on the card) I ended up liking almost everything. I still only kept one thing and then placed an order for my next "fix".
 feather top-LOVE!
 white sweater-OK
 stripe sweater-EH it was too wide at the bottom for me
 grey sweater-NO I had no idea how to wear this and I thought it looked awful on me

Grey sweater- LOVED! and kept! I've already worn this a number of times. It is so soft and I could use it as a cover up as I fed her. You can probably see spit up marks on it if you look close. 

I already requested my next package! This is the perfect way to shop for me. I have convinced my sister and a couple of friends to try it out too. Remember, if you decide to try it out tell them Caitlin McCormick sent you! 


  1. I signed up, fingers crossed I like something.

    1. I hope so. It is so exciting! even to just play dress up with the things you wouldn't normally like

  2. i just signed up (and gave them your name) I HATE shopping so much so this is perfect for me. I love the first outfit on you, so cute! And also that flower dress is really cute too. I'm so glad you shared this!!

    1. Thank you! I'm the same way! I'm sure you have a rough time shopping with Olive too. I hope you get some keepers!

  3. this is interesting... and that grey sweater is super cute!

  4. that's actually such a neat idea.
    i do love that sweater that you kept. looks great on you!