Thursday, April 26, 2012


I was wanting to wait till Elinor is 6 months to start food but she is obviously ready. When we went to her 4 month check up our Doctor told us anytime we feel she is ready we should start.
Last Saturday while we were out to eat the owner brought a fruit plate out for Ellie. I told him thank you but she doesn't eat yet. He left her a blueberry anyway. I ended up giving it to her because she was trying to eat everything on the table anyway. She had that typical grossed out baby face but then went frantic wanting more and grabbing for food on my plate.
The next morning I was eating a coco pop cake (you know, those things like rice cakes that whole foods sells and scares me everytime I walk by and it pops one out really loud). She grabbed the cake from me and shoved it in her mouth. Since they dissolve in your mouth I figured she could go ahead and num on it.

So Monday we bought her an organic banana to try it out. Of course we took a video. It's a little long but the beginning is funny. She had never used a spoon before and opens her mouth so wide right away. 

first food from caitlin mccormick on Vimeo.

Since then Dorie shared Henri's puffs with Ellie which she also loved. So now I guess our plan is to give her the basic fruits and veggies made in our beaba babycook until she is 6 months then add in a little baby led weaning.  


  1. Way to go Ellie!!! For as thick as those foods were she did AMAZING!

    1. right?! ha I meant to add milk to it but remembered after it was too late

  2. adorable! starting on baby food is so much fun :)

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