Monday, April 23, 2012

Impress manicure

I've seen the commercial for these nails and instantly thought of the old press on nails my sister and I used to play with when we were little. Those ones were awful and would start falling off as soon as you touched anything.
We stopped at the mall last Saturday and they were handing out free samples of them. Sure I'll take one of each color please. We were driving another 30 minutes after that so I decided to try them out right away. They were simple to put on (probably even easier when not in a car). I wish the thumb didn't feel this long and awkward. Maybe I put on the wrong size though? Besides that I think I like them. I have only had my nails done once with fake nails and I remember it taking a bit to get used to. After about 2 days these started feeling less awkward to do normal things with and they haven't fallen off yet!
They were only giving out plain colors but after looking at their website they have some fun prints.


  1. I have been really curious about these after seeing the commercials. After reading this I may have to give them a try :)

    1. let me know how they work out for you :)