Thursday, April 5, 2012


We left for Richmond Friday morning. Elinor was perfect on the flight. We meet up with Garvey as soon as we got there, rented a car and headed to the hotel. We stayed at the Omni which was a couple of blocks from the venue. Perfect for Ellie and I to come and go if she wasn't into being at the show. She probably could have stayed all day watching bands and people but I didn't want her being around constant music the whole time, even with her headphones on. In between bands I would take the headphones off to give her a break and every time she would jump and look around super wide eyed like she was hearing for the first time. We need to take a video of that soon. 
 watching planes and playing on a blanket trying to wear her out for the ride
we were upgraded to a penthouse
 she liked watching the kids dance and the lights on stage
 taking a break at the hotel
 she found her thumb this weekend
 just wearing a sleeping baby and trying to make myself look decent
 watching bands sound check
 dancing on the bar with other cool kids
 hotel room break 
 family elevator pic
 she was so smiley right before and after this pic but I kept missing it (also since we were out of town we used disposable diapers. Of course she had a huuuuge blowout as soon as we got back to the show. She had to be stripped down and changed outside before we went back in!)
 sleeping under the merch table on shirts. She took a 3 hour nap like this!
 on the way home

It was such a good trip. I thought her and I would end up sitting in the hotel room the whole time. We have a couple of other fests to go to this year so I hope she still likes going as she gets older. 

The headphones Elinor has are baby banz.


  1. Judging by her passed out on merch pile pic, she is already set to go be in a touring band. haha