Thursday, May 17, 2012

family fun day

Last weekend we tried to go to Crane Beach. We also had plans to stop and see the animals at Russel Orchards. We went grocery shopping first and took a little longer than we wanted to. Then our friend Chris was meeting us but was later than we thought. We decided we wouldn't make it to see the animals but we could still make it to the beach before sundown. As we were pulling up to the beach, they were closing the gates. I was bummed! It was the first nice we've had in forever. We tried to go to a nearby beach but to park near you need to be a resident. We parked as close as we could which was in front of a little playground and like a little cove. We decided it was cute and we could put Elinor on the swings. Lynn and Chris got to put up with us being crazy parents taking a million pictures on Elinor. Lynn even helped a little and took some pictures of all three of us.


ALSO....Today is Dave's birthday! Elinor and I got  him some awesome gifts. She also insisted on making him a super cute card with her footprints (she is the best!) 
Happy Birthday Daddy! Have a great day. We love you!


  1. These pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Wow! you should enter Elinor in baby pic.contests! She is so photogenic! Love the family picture!

    Happy belated Birthday wishes Dave from Vinny and Toni!!

  3. that jacket with that blacklisted patch is so cute!!haha i love it!