Tuesday, May 29, 2012

sick and sick

Last Monday night I started feeling sick. We had an awful night between me feeling so bad and Elinor coughing. I thought we were feeling better that night but as soon as we went to bed it worse than the night before. She didn't sleep at all and was burning up. Finally Thursday and Friday we were better. With an exception of Wednesday night! We put Elinor down for the night. She started coughing so Dave went to check on her. He didn't come back right away and I heard her gasping for air. I ran in the room and he was holding her facing out and down, patting her on the back as she was gagging/gasping. Her face was red and purple. It was so scary! After him patting her back she finally got a good cough out, started blowing raspberries and fell straight to sleep. We got out the boppy so she could sleep more elevated than just on a pillow. She has been fine since then.
On one of our sick days. I could barely lift her so we laid on the ground.

Saturday morning I woke up with stuffiness and running nose. I figured it was allergies since the weather is getting warmer. We went to a birthday party and came home by 6. I felt fine the whole time just allergy feeling. We were all sleepy and cuddled up right away for a family nap. We slept until 9! Well Dave and I did, Elinor ended up sleeping the rest of the night. When I woke up I was sweating with chills and a fever. The fever didn't go away until Monday. I feel like Ellie knew I was sick and only came to me when it was time to eat. I slept all of Sunday. I'm not sure if I just got something else or it was the same sickness. Either way it was awful and I still have a stuffy/runny nose.

So that is where we have been.

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  1. Oh no!! I hope you all feel better soon!