Monday, August 6, 2012

Meet Elinor Weekend

Last weekend we headed to Ohio to visit some of my family and friends. My parents were the only ones that have met Elinor yet so I couldn't wait for everyone to see her. Friday we got in and hung out at my parents all day. Saturday we planned a get together with anyone that was able to come over. So many amazing family, friends and even internet friends came! Are you ready for tons of pictures??
 my niece Quinn and brother Sean
 brother Terrance, nephew Conor, brother Sean and my Dad
niece Katherine. Oldest and youngest cousin
 brothers, nephew, nieces and me
 Quinn telling me something very important
 wearing Sean's SWAT vest
 Elinor, Quinn and Matilda. The 3 youngest cousins
niece Matilda
 fruit bowl
 amazing vegan smore's cupcakes that Ashleigh made
 Ashleigh and Elinor
 My brothers Terrance and Sean. Missing our sister Courtney!
 cousins in the pool
 Dave making bubbles for the babies
 bestest friend Allison that I haven't seen in years!
 Katherine put Elinor to sleep
 Allison, Jayna, Ashleigh and me (Jayna, bring your babies next time!)
 Ashleigh loves her
 My Mom who by the way went out of her way to get and make so many (too many) vegan meals and treats for us! We had to eat all day Monday to try and finish all the food she made us. Thank you Mom! It was all so good!
 Jessica and Ben's kids. They are all so sweet and adorable!
Elinor is almost as big and Blackburn!
 yay Grandma!
 Jon holding Elinor and Myra
Paighton (Allison's baby) and Elinor
and some iphone pictures
 My Mom, Dave and Elinor
 The dog wanted nothing to do with her
 Grandma kisses
My Mom had a treat in her hand. That's the only reason the dog was so close
 playing piano with Terrance
 feeding the dog
 sleeping on Grandpa
Allison, Paighton and Elinor

Thank you for everyone for coming! I feel so bad I didn't get pictures of Annie and her family. But we ended up hanging out with them Sunday too! 


  1. Replies
    1. It made me so sad that I'm not there!

  2. I do love your whole family. I am surprised every picture isn't me nibbling on Elinor's cheeks. Miss you all so much already!