Friday, September 7, 2012

first fall

Elinor eating a lemon while we were in CA. 
Not the weather, an actual fall. Dave took Elinor in yesterday morning to AAA to get her passport picture taken. They told him she needs to be able to sit up by herself. Well yea she is almost 9 months, of course she can. They had him sit her in a chair. He put her down and stood next to her to watch her. The person told him he can't stand near her. He took a step back and of course Ellie reached for him going face first to the ground. He took her to the car to calm her down and try to offer her a bottle even though she won't take them. When they sat down he realized her nose was bleeding. He calmed her down and dropped her back off to me at work without getting the pictures taken.
Three hours after the fall she was chewing on a book and I realized there was blood all over her chin. I thought maybe she bumped her chin or something. When I wiped her face I noticed it was coming from her mouth. My friend was with me and helped me look in her mouth. The piece that holds your lip to your gums was bleeding. It wasn't just a little, her mouth was full of blood. I called Dave and he got ahold of her Dr who said bring her in. He came back, got her and brought her in. She was checked out and everything was fine.
I was so nervous that fall had really hurt her.  Why would these people think a baby sitting by themselves in a chair is ok?! Why wouldn't they allow Dave to just stand next to her? I don't understand how that could possibly be their policy. We only went to AAA because if you are a member it is free. We will not be going back to get them done there. Dave will be calling them today to make sure they know what happened and hopefully it doesn't happen to any other babies. Click To Vote For Us @ the Top Baby Blogs Directory! The most popular baby blogs


  1. I'm baffled that they don't have some kind of baby seat that they can use for that reason. Hopefully now they will take some kind of measure to insure it doesn't happen again.

  2. Poor thing!!!! Tell Dave to give em hell!!!!

  3. What do they do when the child cannot set up on their own? Some rules are meant to be broken and this is one of them.

  4. I cannot believe they would expect a 9 month old to sit by herself. Poor Elinor!

  5. That's evil, we just got our daughter's done at the passport office and they had no problems with us holding her up. She's 3.5 months and can't sit by herself yet, but I can't imagine there is a rule like that! AAA once told me that they couldn't tow my car until it became unstuck and I was able to drive it again. Helpful.

    1. What?! How crazy? That is why you need them! ha