Sunday, September 2, 2012

tyler arboretum

Last Sunday before we drove home from Philadelphia, we went to Tyler Arboretum with Dave's mom. She has told us about the hikes she goes on there and I have always been curious to see it. It is beautiful with so many things to see before even getting to any of the trails. We went into the butterfly house which was awesome but closing soon. Also there was an amazing garden. They were growing so many veggies and fruits, it made me jealous and hope for some outdoor space at our next apartment.

Fairy houses 

Ever since Elinor's top teeth broke through, she makes the silliest faces!

We went onto a trail for just a little bit. Next time I want to try to go out for awhile. I got this cute picture of Dave and Elinor after he was trying to show her bugs and animals. 

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