Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Japan 3

It was supposed to rain all day again. We headed towards the zoo hoping it wouldn't be too bad. If it got worse we were going to head to a nearby museum. The zoo wasn't far from our hotel and the rain ended up not being so bad. We missed some of it while we were in the reptile house and again when we were eating a snack under a big umbrella. We put the camera away for half of our visit though so it wouldn't get wet.

 When you order soymilk in your drink at starbucks they give you a card that says soy on it. You hand it to them at the end of the line and they give you your drink with a soymilk sticker on it. So many times I've been nervous they didn't hear me when I say soy. I like this system better!
 In the Ueno park
 At the zoo in the reptile house
 passed out baby
 She finally woke up when we went back outside
 This guy on the right we thought was fake. He was huge! He was 4-5 ft and standing so still. We were looking in the cage to see what else was in there and Dave noticed it move and open its mouth. I forget what they were but I've never seen anything like it before. 
 We didn't bring the stroller because of the rain but regretted it quickly. We ended up renting a stroller from the zoo. 
 Always my favorite the hippos
 kangaroo with her joey
 This family stopped to take pictures with Elinor
 petting zoo

On the walk back it started pouring. We walked to another place Dave found on HappyCow but it wasn't open for another 30min. We had saw a starbucks so went there to get a warm drink and wait. While we were waiting, Elinor was sleeping and we were each posting pictures from the day on instagram. At the same time we realized what day it was and that is was our 5 year anniversary. We laughed a lot, hugged and kissed our baby.


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Hippos are my favorite too. If our zoo raises enough we will be getting our hippo back. I'm so excited.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Our 3 year was yesterday. Looks like such a great experience! Me & Brandon always marvel over Elinor's ability to fall asleep anywhere. I mean, our girls sleep 12 hours every night, so I can't complain. But in an ideal world they would also peacefully fall asleep whenever & wherever. :) Elinor needs to teach them.

    1. I wish Elinor would sleep through the night! I would feel like a new person ha

  3. Happy 5 years to the sweetest couple and best little family!