Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ok these are not only all iphone pictures but some of the worst quality iphone pictures ever. Babies never will stay still and at night nothing comes out right. We had brought the real camera out trick or treating but never took it out of the bag. 
That morning Elinor, Henri and I headed to the library for sing along. Our library gets crazy packed on normal days for story and sing alongs so they started a ticket system so the room doesn't get too full. We ended up getting there too late even though we 45 minutes early and they were out of tickets. We played on the rug instead with some friends. Some moms even started their own sing along which the kids loved! 
Elinor the mermaid talking to her friend the dragon. Henri the penguin being not too sure about the hood of his costume. He made this face every time.

Henri still being frozen from his hood
watching the tennis courts
a flamingo checking out Elinor's fins
mermaid, monkey and a penguin
waiting for the dads so we could go trick or treating
Dorie's parents knew of an awesome street in their neighborhood. They completely shut the street down. Every house is decorated and every neighbor was sitting on their porch ready with candy. There were lines at each house. 
 jack o lanterns lined the street
me, Henri, Dorie and their mom discussing which pieces of candy were vegan that Dorie had in her bucket. The answer was none of them.
 The scary house! They had knife slashing sounds and scary music playing. The person was throwing candy and tossing it down a tube to the end of the steps. 

We had so much fun! It was quick and just one street but with little kids we didn't need more than that. Ellie got to go to a couple of houses with Dave. She got a bag of veggie sticks which she can actually have. We were talking about what we are going to do in the future and how to make trick or treating vegan friendly. I read some options on Veggie Kids. Exchanging the candy for a gift or even a vegan treat sounds like a good idea. Does anyone have any other suggestions? We have awhile until it is an issue but it would be nice to be prepared. 


  1. That looks so cool! I wonder if there are any neighborhoods like that in Indianapolis!