Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Right about now my Dad has been up since about 3 or 4am. He is sitting on the couch watching the Thanksgiving parade. My mom is running around the house cooking, cleaning, baking, cleaning, entertaining anyone that is over and up and cleaning. We had planned on going to my parents but the airfare was INSANE and we didn't want to drive because we weren't sure how Elinor would do on a drive that far. This will most likely be the last holiday my family spends together before my parents move. I'm so sad I'm missing it but thanks to facetime I will get to see everyone.

Right now, we are on our way to have Thanksgiving with our friends. We had planned on staying home but they invited us to come over for a fully vegan meal. I'm excited but I am missing the parade. My dad every year sits and watches it while we all come in and out doing our own things. By the end we all end up in the room to see Santa. Even the years I've been alone or just with Dave we have done the same. I'm hoping when we get there I can find somewhere online to watch a little of it with Elinor. It's funny what little traditions families have that stick with you.

Do you know how hard it was finding a "my first thanksgiving" shirt is size 12 months?? I ended up finding this one at Old Navy 2 days ago in the sale section. It was the only one at all. I've been looking since Halloween! 

Also Happy Birthday to my Sister!! Hope mom and dad put candles in the turkey for you. Love you!

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  1. We are all missing you. Your Dad said Santa looked great this year. Fun memory of us telling you and your sister we were going to put your candles in the turkey haha

  2. Muck told us about the day I was born and how there weren't cell phones. True story.

    I missed you guys so much! But don't worry. I will be there every weekend in December. Yep. All of them.

  3. ps when I visit, we will watch Buddy the Elf and Arthur Christmas and then I will put all of the doughnuts in my face. CHRISTMAS!