Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've been trying to do little activities with Elinor lately. She is getting older and I want to work on skills that I would with any child I've ever worked with. I sometimes get lazy when we get home after a long day. I just was to sit and rest but something that could take 5 minutes would be so beneficial to her.
We had some time before dinner the other night and I had stickers my mom had given Ellie. I stripped her to her diaper and started sticking them all over her body. I would say each body part and she sat and watched. After a bit she started peeling off the stickers and either handing them to me to put back on or I would help guide her hand to put one back on. 
She didn't last too long but it was enough to work on some fine motor skills and identifying body parts. It's an activity we will be doing again soon!

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