Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 month check up

Elinor had her one year check up last week. Even though she has slowed down a lot on eating, she is still an average weight. I was getting a little worried. I think maybe because her first molars are coming in but still when you sit down to eat meal after meal and she refuses it makes you worry. She still is nursing which has picked up since her signing. Maybe she is filling up on milk and that's why she doesn't want real food. Either way she is growing!
The Dr asked about her speech. I told him the couple of words she says "mama, dada, bubba (pacifier), pup pup (puppy), get, ishh (fish), key (kitty)". We told him she also signs a lot of words. By 12 months, babies should be saying between 1-5 words. He told us (which I didn't know) that signs count too. That was another thing I had in the back of my mind was if she was saying enough. I read so many blogs and mommy message boards. It's easy to question what you know is ok. All babies are on their own learning path and I need to keep remembering that.
I'm going to add her stats on the 12 month post that Dave wrote to keep everything together. Go back and check if you are curious.

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