Thursday, December 27, 2012

Aquarium and Blink

We have been having so much fun that I've totally forgot about writing about it. Before Christmas we took a trip to the Museum of Science (no pictures) one day and the Aquarium another. Since it wasn't so crowded either places we let her go and just followed her. When we went to the Aquarium, we took the train into the city so we wouldn't have to worry about parking. Of course Elinor made a liar of me and was an angel on the train in front of Dave. Our commutes lately have been...interesting.

I didn't know before getting there but the Aquarium is under construction until July. If you have ever been there then you know there is a huge tank that goes through the middle. We usually walk up and around the outer loop tanks then walk down the middle watching fish, turtles and sharks. The whole middle tank is closed with tarps all over it. They said everything had been replaced in different areas except the penguins which are on vacation. There were little blue penguins there though. The admission was cheaper and we were offered a free IMAX which we forgot to go to until we were leaving. I'm sure Elinor wouldn't have sat through much of it anyway. It was fun but I felt like it should've been cheaper with the construction going on. Maybe if we went to the IMAX then I would feel different.

 When you first walk in they replaced the penguins with a lot of the guys from the middle tank
 I think this was our favorite part. Jellyfish in a tube!
 she never stops

Since we took the train and didn't have to worry about meters or paying to park, we headed over to Faneuil Hall to see Blink. Lights blink and switch color to the music of the Holiday Pops.  It was so beautiful and Elinor loved it. Blink is still going on until Dec 30th. If you live in the area and haven't gone yet you should check it out!

Elinor was singing along to the music. I tried to get a video of it but she stopped humming along when I started. The video is still cute and I will post it soon. 


  1. What fun! Love, Love, Love the sneakers!

    1. We bought them awhile ago at a second hand store. I'm so excited they finally fit