Thursday, December 6, 2012

Birthday party #1

Last weekend we went to Philadelphia to visit family and have an early birthday party for Elinor. We haven't been in awhile and It was so good to see the Dave's family (minus Joe, Jessica and Joey who are in Japan and Lauren who was at college. We missed all of you!). We invited some of our friends in the area and their children. Elinor loves kids and was happy when everyone started showing up. 

 When my mom was visiting, she insisted on buying her a new dress along with this headband. I didn't want her to spend that much but she wanted to and the dress was really pretty. When I put it on Ellie, I fell in love with it. It fits and looks so perfect on her. Thank you mom! The dress and headband are from Baby Gap and the shoes I found at Old Navy.

 Grandpop and Cindy offered up their house for us to have the party. Even though we said not to buy anything and we would do it all, they did so much for us. From buying balloons to cleaning up after everyone. Thank you!

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy canes
 hand stamped cups with tape from Diamonds and Rust
 G and Elinor. 
Tried to get J in on the pic but he only wanted to play with his trains
 Grandpop had a train that Michael set up and helped the little kids play with. I didn't get any clear pictures but every kid was sitting nicely watching while my Godzilla child kept wanting to stand on the track
 eating her veggie sandwich before cake
Vegan cake from Whole Foods and baby vegan cake for Sweet Freedom
 She looks excited but really she could care less about that cake
and then our battery died on the camera. Seriously?!! HOw does that happen right as I'm holding a cake in her face. Dave ran around the house trying to find the other one while everyone stared at Elinor. 

 a little taste but no care
 She just kept throwing pieces on the ground for the little boys. They were all gobbling it up
 This baby got spoiled! I let everyone know not to worry about bringing any presents. No one listened. She got some amazing gifts that lucky girl. 
 She doesn't drink juice. She found an abandoned juicebox and RAN to an empty spot to drink it as fast as she could.
 Baby T became a prince

 High fives with Uncle Michael
Her new face all the time. Everything is so exciting!!!
stuck on her #1 ballon

I loved seeing everyone and getting to spend time with all the mamas. I can't wait to meet up with everyone again soon. Thank you so much for everyone that came, helped out and spent the day with us. We love you all! 
Her real birthday is this Saturday and I'm already starting to get emotional. Where's my little baby???

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  1. Aw! The cutest little party ever. All that girl stuff-I would have no idea with these boys of mine. I love the high chair decor too. What a cutie!!

  2. 1) Elinor was stomping track in protest of her Auntie working too much. That girl gets me.


  4. 3) See you in the morning!

  5. Best face ever! I love the hot chocolate idea and the pom poms. Muck bought such a cute outfit, too. What a lovely party :)

  6. She looks gorgeous - love the surprise face.

  7. That dress and that headband! So perfect, good job grandma. Elinor looks like a little angel. And you look beautiful. It makes me want to cut my bangs.