Monday, December 3, 2012


Well the second November ended, I stopped blogging. I did so good everyday of November. I even told Dave I was going to see if I could post everyday in December too. But we went to Philadelphia last weekend and I never took my computer out of the bag.
We had an early birthday party for Elinor while we were there. It was so much fun! I will post the pictures soon but I have a couple of other pictures all ready to go and the ones for her party are still on the camera.
I check BostonMamas every Monday and Friday to see what's going on for each week and weekend. Sometimes I already know about things that are close to us but last Friday I saw Beverly (which is really close to us) was having a Christmas parade. We headed up there thinking it would just be really short but something to do. It ended up being a hour long! We were freezing and should have brought blankets but we had so much fun. We started losing Elinor at the end but I took her out of the Ergo to wake her up and see Santa. She half waved as he went by.  She loved all the music and people waving at her. I will have to load the video I took of her dancing to one of the bands.

 Almost every one of these cars tried to get Elinor to wave to them
 She would wave after they went by
 getting sleepy and cold
 There were kids walking around with shopping card collecting canned goods and the post office workers were collecting letters to Santa
 to this band
Dave's favorite. He had never seen Shriners in real life


  1. Did you tell Elinor about all our parade routines?

    #scotettes #eaglettes #mysticalillusionjuniors #oakettes #mysticalillusionseniors

    1. I did! I told Dave I was in a parade every year from about 4th grade until 2 years after I graduated. He didn't believe me

  2. It looks like it was a great time :) You all look so wonderful and Elinor is such a doll! She is growing so fast! We love you all and lots of hugs and kisses for you :)