Tuesday, February 12, 2013

High Hopes Vegan Bakery

 When Cynthia from High Hopes Vegan Bakery posted on instagram that she was looking for bloggers to review her treats I emailed her right away. I'm always up for testing treats!
whale plate from Diamonds and Rust

With the snowstorm though, we ended up getting our box a few days after it was sent. I was worried when we opened it up that everything would be mush or stale. Surprisingly everything was still fresh and just like it should be. We received 3 soft chocolate chip cookies, 2 lavender shortbreads and 1 "reeses".

 Dave couldn't wait

I'm not a fan of lavender flavors so the shortbreads weren't for me. The texture of them were really good but all I could think of was my lavender soap. The chocolate chip cookies were amazing even though they had a little bit of lavender taste to them from the shortbreads. I wanted 10 more of them and wished I opened the box without Dave around so I didn't have to share. The "Reeses" was something else I didn't want to share but chocolate with peanut butter is Dave's favorite. He ended up eating most of it. I wish the dark chocolate didn't over power the peanut butter as much but also I was eating the outside where there wasn't as much peanut butter. Dave said he didn't realize that being the case since he got the middle.

Check out High Hopes Vegan Bakery. There is even an Etsy page where I think I need to order some brownies or even a chocolate peanut butter filled cupcake!


  1. Oh dag! They have some gluten free things too. This could be a bad thing for me. hahahhhaha