Friday, February 8, 2013

New toys

With me not working, Elinor is getting so many new toys! That makes no sense because of my spending freeze post, right?

Well we have been creating toys from our recyclables (sounds better than trash). Dave always has tons of boxes so we made a house. Then expanded it into a double wide. We still use the wipe container with rings. She is also obsessed with yogurt cups. She takes her shaker eggs, puts them in, dumps them out and over and over again. An empty trash bag box was filled with scraps of fabric. She pulls the fabric out one by one and puts them around her neck like a scarf. She will walk around all day while wearing all of them.

We just ran out of paper towels. We added a ball and she spent a good 30 minutes putting the ball down the tube then chasing it.

Now whenever we use up a box or container, I start making plans on what to make.

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  1. I always feel like a crazy person never throwing away anything plastic or cardboard. But I would rather carry around trash in my purse for a few days and recycle it properly or use it as a toy at school. I just realized for years Josh finishes his containers of protein and I recycle them, but I never thought to save the little scoops! They're going in my sensory table Monday with beans.

  2. P.S- I know that dress ;) Glad to see it still fits

  3. We use a lot of paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, shoe boxes for art projects. Vita is always grabbing some kind of "trash" and making something like a fairy wand or robot with it.