Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mother's Day

It was so special that we were able to spend Mother's Day with my parents. It was a relaxing day. We went to town and got some flowers and gardening tools for Elinor. We also went to the grocery store for our last dinner and snacks for our flight home the next day.

My mom sent Elinor this dress for Easter. I love it!

Unloading the flowers. Elinor just wanted to pick them.

I let her have a bite of my almond milk ice cream sandwich...she didn't give it back.

We went outside to starting planting the flowers.

I'm pretty sure she saw a dog walking across the street and got excited.

Mum showing her what to do.

Ellie helping out.

We came in and cleaned up but my mom was still outside. Ellie and Toby sat at the door waiting for her.

Before bed Toby and Elinor rolled around, laying on each other.

Thank you for the visit mom and dad! We miss you both and of course Toby too!

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  1. Oh that dress is too cute!!! Every summer we have to have a nautical dress/ romper for the kids. Her excited face was the cutest.

  2. Each and every picture is too adorable!!! Her surprised look, her snuggling with rhe dog!

  3. It was a wonderful visit and thank you for this wonderful blog filled with amazing pictures of your life. It is so fun living such a distance away to be part of your life via this blog. Come back soon to visit us. We love you. Muck and Pa
    P.S. Hello from Toby

    1. Hi Toby! I hope we can come! At least we will see you when you come here in June

  4. Love her sailor dress and the Boston sweater! Very cute :)