Monday, June 24, 2013

safari park

 We used an app (road trippers) to see if there were any fun things for Elinor to do on our way to Knoxville. This app is awesome and I know we totally use it all the time. About halfway there a place came up in Natural Bridge, VA called Virginia Safari Park. There is a zoo and a drive through safari. We didn't realize at first that both were included in the price which was awesome. We also didn't realize the zoo part was that big. All we could see when we first pulled in was the goats and a few cages. It went back pretty far and there was even a feeding station for Giraffes. Too bad the giraffes were all down the hill and too far to feed.

She was so excited...
 So excited!
 I forget what they are looking at in here but there were multiple cages  with birds, reptiles and monkeys. 
 mama kangaroo and her joey. You can see legs and a tail hanging out of her pouch
 They were sleeping and Dave "HaKuna Matata" at them and this guy jumped up and came to the fence.

I wasn't sure if Elinor could go through without being in her carseat. I saw other people doing it but was nervous. I asked a worked and she said it's no problem but some of the animals do get aggressive trying to get food. She sat in my lap in the front (we were barely going 5mph the whole time).
 right away I realized what the worker meant. After this I didn't try to feed any. I put the bucket in the middle and some of them would stick their head all the way in to reach it. I made Dave keep it in his lap and kept my window up most the time. 
The car infront of us
 This zebra was sweet but the one on Dave's side was a jerk! He tried stealing the whole bucket of food. He started to roll the window up so the zebra would back away but instead he bit the turn signal, turning it on. When Dave finally got his window up the zebra head butted the side of the car and the slammed his body into it. 
 lazy buffalos and a lazy baby
 We didn't roll the windows down at all for these guys. They just looked mean

and some phone pictures

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  1. Oh this looks like SOO much fun!! I want to go through one of the ones here.